The Changing World

Dear All,

The thoughtsOften I read of, “letting go of that which no longer serves us“….and I wonder…

Do we let go too easily?
I read a post recently which mentioned something called “Willful Blindness”.

Long ago, and in some cultures they still do, many families or a clan would have many hearths, under the one roof. Life happened side by side, in full sight of all. You didn’t run and hide to have sex, you went to your hearth, and those around practiced “Willful Blindness”. You simply became unseen.

So too, in the depths of winter, trapped in your cave and someone was bugging the sh*t out of you….you simply became blind to them…until such time, whereby you could handle their stuff again.

Now, here’s the thing…what changed?
When did we become a society that would release and walk away from…rather than a society that chose to ignore its most irritating members, until they or we had reorganized our thought patterns around them?

No! I am not talking of violent and abusive relationships. These must be fully seen and acted upon, until safety occurs.

I am talking of that stoner mate, still where he/she is years later. I am talking of that kid who got pregnant in high school, you lost contact with whilst you were at university. And I am talking that “toxic friend”, you know she’s talking about you behind your back…isn’t it enough that you know.

If we are conscious creators, isn’t the whole point, that we are creating through love? Is releasing these people what needs to happen? Or are we confusing releasing the person, with releasing the way WE have allowed, certain actions to make us feel.

Once your sure, that there is no lesson within a relationship, that there is no way you can accommodate the toxicity, change your thought patterns. Once you know, they have no will to change theirs. That’s, when you dump their butt, and get the hell out of Dodge!
But is that the same as no longer “serves” us? …Or has “that which no longer serves us” become the¬†euphemism, of a disposable society, filled with disposable people?

I’m just sayin…