The thoughts     Dear All

There comes a point in transformation or transcendence, whereby you just want to grab every body by the shoulders and scream WAKE UP!!!

Precisely where I am at at the moment.

I have worked and crafted through Christianity, Witchcraft, Hermetics, Buddhism for over 30 years….any path I could find, not only in the search of truth and freedom…Hey, and thought I’d throw world peace, and that cleaner  greener earth, into the mix whilst I was at it.

I was observing around me, the opposite of that which I desired.

As I was sitting in meditation focusing on OM (get over it! contemplating the navel is essential to spiritual growth).

WOW it came to me…and even though I could feel the TRUTH I still toyed with and resisted…

There is a reason things aren’t quite working out towards spiritual and political freedom….People are focused on lack.

I don’t have money. I don’t have health…wow we have created industries to support these beliefs.

I have this vision of a world focused on what we have…we have a beautiful earth, we have wonderful people around us, we have LOVE, we have ideas, goals and dreams…we have breath.

I have this vision of a world ‘acting’ towards those goals…each individual an expression of the whole.

These goals are achievable…especially when you consider the same energy, that created the lack, can just as readily be applied to the gain

There are a whole lot of skills and techniques that can be used to get people into the zone where by this Magic happens. A lot of them have been developed by Conscious Creators, the drive seems to be for monetary abundance…Yet these same principles work for every thing. And I think that this is what is missing with spiritual practice, we cut ourselves off from anything related to money. Which means we have cut ourselves off from these wonderful energetic magical practices…because, we have ALLOWED  others to manipulate OUR beliefs around these trans-formative practices…After all you can’t have a world full of enlightened people…who would work in the bomb factories…who would drill for that oil?

But… this does not stop these practices working, or better yet…working towards the results that you would like to achieve…Be it LOVE, HEALTH, or FREEDOM.

An aside…

We have a fundamental belief that those old Healers, Monks and Shaman…worked for free…This is wrong!

Those Healers of old, Monks and Shaman were supported by their villagers. In fact they were honored with the best that those villagers had to give…We don’t have villages anymore…

With Love


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