Juhl Lightheart

Dear All 

When you start to change your thinking from Unconscious, to Conscious. When you start pumping up the “positive’, and coming from ‘heart-space’…

It is time to ‘Sit up and Take Notice’…What is showing up for YOU!

Sometimes, we opt into the universal flow and get carried along. For many though its like we go BANG into a canyon wall.

What is coming up for you?

Do the kids start screaming as soon as you sit too meditate?
Does your husband start stomping and gromping?
Do your friends write off your inspirational desire to change the world as infantile or ego driven?

Whatever comes up TAKE NOTICE!!!

Hard as it may be to swallow, You, unconsciously created this life, and these people are mirrors.

What irritates you in them, is an aspect of YOU. Pulling this stuff out and exploring this aspect of “Shadow Self” is referred to in some circles as “Taking Honest Inventory”, in others as “Exploring Your Inner Wounds”.

YES! There is a bit more to it than this!
YES! There are ways to shift your alignment.

If your ready to jump into the river of life. If your ready to truly go with the flow…

Let me help you navigate your flow….





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