Emotional Releases; Practical Advice on How and Why.

spIt is not unusual to read an article saying, release the old, make way for the new (lol guilty). Yet what does it mean to release something? And what are we releasing?

Many will say releasing is about getting over old emotions and situations…forgiveness even, and in some ways they are correct. I have to emphasize here though, on this page, forgiveness of others is entirely voluntary. Forgiveness of self though, well that is the truest and most selfless, act of love. For many self love is the hardest road to find and then stay upon.

When you enter a new town, you know where you want to go, but finding your way there can be the hardest part of the journey. There are stops, road works and detours all specifically put in your way, to halt your journey, get you frustrated and…lost. Just when you have been going round and round in circles, you find a sign, an arrow, or actually manage to read the map! Whammo the right path, the right road, the right direction.

And that is what releases are, not the detours, but the signposts, upon the journey of self love. They allow you to find and follow the direction, of the real and authentic you.

At a psychological level we are looking at halting the flight fight or freeze reflex, that affects the average person 10-20 times a day. That is 10-20 times a day where our minds are fooling themselves, they are in a life or death situation. (sometimes they are, yes)…but 10-20 times a day? The affects of the stress hormones in turn, shrink the hippocampus of the brain. This part of our brain helps regulate emotions and is essential for  memory. Ever notice when you are stressed how easy it is to loose the car keys? Not to mention how easily an emotional situation fires off and into more drama!

What I would like you to take away from this little post is…releases are not some airy fairy, pie in the sky new age speak. They are a profoundly meaningful and deep psychological tool, that will physically help, ease the brain (halting the escalating flight, fight, freeze effect) allow calmness, clarity and the beauty and truth of who you really are to emerge.

 Right; Ever practical, here’s a little exercise I would like you to try.

Untitled design (6)  External Release

If you are in a state of anxiety, then this is a great breathing exercise to do before release work. And because we are possibly going to be thinking of some upsetting situations, it is a great breath to return to.

If you do two cycles of breath, then think of a situation or person, place the vision of it/them in front of you. In your head say to the person or situation, I love you, I forgive you, I thank you. I release you.
And repeat, over and over again until you feel a “shift”, an emotional and physical change inside (usually around the stomach, you may even giggle). This is a very simple form of release.

And by the way, it is not necessary for you to believe that, you love the person, forgive them for what they have done,  thank them for the lesson learned, or even believe you have released them. Source and the sub-conscious mind takes care of that.

In essence though, As above so below~ As we think, so we attract. What you are actually saying is “I love me, I forgive me, I thank me, I release me.”

The psychology – if you can still the mind for 17 seconds (as happens in the breathing exercise) we begin to ‘reset’ the brain, halt and undo the fight or flight tendencies and damage. Going over, whilst maintaining this calm mindset and reviewing situations and people also begins to retrain the brain for if the situation should arise again.

 And in case you are wondering, yes the breathing is a really good start to easing panic attacks. But as I’ve said before…These things only work if you try them…And if this one doesn’t work for you, well don’t you worry, there are plenty more tools in the box. You Are Not Broken! You are

“So Much More”



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