Gut Feeling! When Intuition Goes Wrong!

basic chakra(1)How often have you heard “trust your gut”?

I swear if I hear another thing thing about “trusting that gut feeling” I just might tear the Spiritual House down.

This may be true in someones world, but in mine, my gut got pretty screwed up. You see the intuition from my gut, that was supposed to keep me safe, was constantly over ridden.  The very people who were supposed to love me were the ones who were hurting me. So my gut got broken!  Did yours?

Hello! Two fold problem. Not only was my “gut’ being constantly over ridden but so was my trust. After all it was necessary in my mind to split the people I knew into the good part and the bad part…the good part for the neighbors and family to protect “our secret” and my survival, and the bad part (end this paragraph here as this topic is worthy of its own article).

There’s a spiritual explanation on this whole gut intuition thing. sacral You may of heard of the chakra. Well the one in the gut just below your tummy button, that is the sacral chakra, an important part of the spiritual energy system as it houses the flow of information around relationships and those emotional connections of sensuality and intimacy. Here’s the thing though, it houses the emotional “memory” of relationships and situations too.  So if you walk into a situation and your “gut” tightens, possibly it is your sacral, responding to stored or historical information. And you might start to see the problem here for your/my abused self. A lot of our historical information comes from a pretty skewed point of view.

So your walking down the street and you see this person and your gut goes bang, tight, and you think oh no, avoid, avoid, avoid, but

  • You are not quite sure, and you are going to over ride this feeling anyway. After all that is what you have been trained to do. Or

  •  Perhaps you have read a couple of books and learned to trust your “gut”. so you do avoid the person and think, yay, phew safe! But!!! and its a big one. It may be that you actually avoided the man of your dreams, the connection to a better job etc, because your gut was working off of “historical” information, you will now never know. So what to do?

The answer lies within our hearts, or heart center chakra. heart-chakra-colors Generally recognized as being  between the breasts, this energy center holds and moves through, love energy, of the deep, sacred, unconditional kind. The heart has a spiritual intuition all of it’s own. This intuition and energy is easily accessed, simply place your left hand over the heart or chakra area, place your attention there also, and envision this area expanding. Notice what you notice, perhaps a flood of warmth, or love entering your torso, maybe a feeling of lightness. For now just notice the sensation.

Right, ever practical, here’s a little exercise I would like you to do . Think of a person or situation that has recently made your tummy tighten. Got it. Good…now place your left hand over the heart chakra, experience this energy, and then, think of the situation again. Now notice what you notice, does your tummy relax? Does it stay tight? Does your heart sensation increase, decrease?  If your tummy relaxes and your heart remains expansive, then chances are your “gut”  intuition response was stimulated by a “historical” resonance or remembering, and this would of been a safe experience to visit; if however your “gut” remains tight and your heart sensation, stays the same or decreases…then you KNOW, your “gut” response was indeed correct. These are the intuition responses you should trust.

Try this little exercise over a few different scenarios within your memory banks. Notice the different responses between the sacral and heart intuition centers. When you become familiar with the different sensations, take the exercise and test it out on people and situations you cross whilst out and about. A necklace or adjusting the bra strap are great ways of disguising the hand over the chakra.

Yes trusting self and  feelings is a huge issue, especially when these have been manipulated to  serve the purpose of others. Developing little tools that work for you, like this heart/gut intuition test, is a great way of taking back personal power. You are not broken! And if this little tool doesn’t help you work out a tricky from a safe situation, well don’t you worry, I have a lot more. Work with me 😉 .

“So Much More”



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