O.k. so you have shown up!

You are thinking good thoughts and learning to take responsibility for your energy. As shown in part one of this conscious creation series.

Now it’s time to work out how your particular Spiritual Pathway can be incorporated into the “Law of Attraction” styling. It’s really not that difficult…


There are quite possibly as many spiritual pathways as there are people.  It is not my intention here to go into each and every one. But rather to get you thinking about what they have in common.
  • Loving but Just Deities
  • Prayers or Meditations
  • ​LOVE
As Spiritual people it is more common than not to believe in an abundant universe, and loving God or Gods.  But if we believe this then why are they not more apparent?
The answers are pretty harsh. I’m not going to ask you to believe what I say out right. I have provided some creditable links, and I trust you to be able to search on your own.  All I ask is that for this piece you keep an open mind.  If something makes your stomach tighten, take notice! I am also going to ask that you find some time to sit with spirit, be open, and expect some answers.
​I write this with an energetic intention, and have asked source to guide my hand.
loving and just deity

Loving and Just Deities
For this section I am going to call the Deities Source.
Source is energy, we are energy, the world is made up of energy, in particular light and or electrical energy, that as it becomes more dense…takes on mass.
We have arrived on this earth to experience life as spiritual beings, living emotional lives, in a physical body in a physical world.  Yet why is life so daunting and so hard for so many…that not only have many forgotten there purpose in being here but they can no longer feel the Joy of their physical experience?
The answer is simple…We create our experiences. We create them with our thoughts and more importantly we create them with our feelings, our emotions, and those thoughts are coming from Sad and Tough environments.
Even whilst within the womb, we were picking up the emotions of our Mothers (remember every thought has an emotional charge). We carry the emotions of past generations within our genes (epi-genetics).  As soon as we are born we are amazing body language readers. We pick up on all around us, and if we were lucky enough to be born empaths then wow…we really pick up on peoples stuff on so many levels. We start to feel things that are not even ours.
Every time Mum and Dad fought…Every time one of them cried over a bill..or sold something to make ends meet, we took it in. It became part of our brain schemata, the way our neurons connected and developed.
Living within family environment may also of taught us other things like…you have to work hard for the money…or ghosts don’t exist…or we give of our time and energy for free, because that’s the godly thing to do. “Your gifts are a gift from God, you can’t charge for those”, even though you may of paid out quite a bit on courses (I personally will never be without a Mentor again) and yet a Doctor who also has a gift is allowed to make money, and lots of it!
We also buy into beliefs around magic…it can only be done this way or that…at certain times in certain ways…or…though shalt not suffer a witch to live!
A lot of the myths we surround ourselves are from the Mother Church. Money and Power; you can’t control powerful people, so here lets Call these ones heretics and kill em off, and take their land. And those ones are healing…we want the money for that..etc.
But regardless of where this stinking thinking came from…One thing is for sure, it has wiped the Joy off the face of Millions for many generations, who each in turn has affected the next generation…And then came the media.
 Unless we as Spiritual people get it together and start formulating and Consciously Creating in Numbers…Well who knows?
This is where the loving and just God/s come in…
We are loved…
We are supposed to live Joyful and Abundant lives.
If we take charge of our thoughts and emotions…
We Can
For the next sections and practical exercises…If you are enjoying this course so far…Then please go to my website
http://www.juhl-lightheart.co.nz and sign up for the Light Heart ecourse.

There is a way for you to have a life filled with Abundance and Joy. There is a way for YOU to make an effective difference within the world. No more powerlessness and waiting for Higher Power to work things out FOR you.

The truth is, Higher Power works THROUGH you.

This visit with Spirit Works on many levels.  Over the next Six weeks we will look at

Support and safety, after all if you are not feeling safe within your practice…how are you going to live in a state of JOY​

Practice and Pathways…we are all searching for our spiritual truths. This is all about the techniques different paths use to experience life more fully. More though, this is a call to action. USE those skills!

Intention. Working out exactly what you want. How to ask for it.

Resistance and Release. You’ve stepped into the flow…Things are going to show up. This is about clearing that which doesn’t serve you. Finding techniques that help you release the past and conditioned thought patterns. Every time your stomach tightens…take note. That is resistance.

Intuition. A word for listening to and recognizing the call of spirit. Whatever your path your higher power wants to be in touch with YOU.

Trust. Once you’ve stepped out, shown up, it’s time to ease up. So with this come a few tips and techniques on how to let go and let be, allowing your “Higher Power” to work align with your energy.





Making it Real: Part Two

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