Making it Real; Part One

Who would you rather see in control of World Resources. Rigid Policy Makers or Heart Centered Healers?

There is so much information out there.

Especially on “Consciously Creating” the “Magic of Manifestation” and “Manifest Abundance”.

Just like a light switch, You control  energy.

Do you want that control to be CONSCIOUS, or unconscious, remember, energy is flowing around and through you anyway.

Thoughts have an effect, words have an effect…yet it is our FEELINGS that induce the largest electrical charges within our brain. When you start to control your thoughts…and the feelings behind them, you have a measurable effect on the world.

This is “Conscious Creation”…it is the tool of “Magical Manifestation” and the way of “Manifesting Abundance.

Over the next Six weeks I’m  looking closely at what is meant by “Conscious Creation”. In particular how you can put this to work, for YOU incorporating your spiritual path.

Week One,

Support and safety

 emotional vibration chart   Energy Levels

What ever your spiritual path…Unless you are feeling safe and supported within your practice, there is very little chance your Intentions will work.
This is about more than thinking, this is about KNOWING you are safe, and that your energy is under your control.
Every day we come up against people, all people affect others in varying ways. You may have noticed around some friends you feel alive and vibrant. Whilst around others you feel drained and washed out. It all depends on the electrical levels of their energy and yours. The reasons for this are simple.
The person with the most stable energy wins!
Case 1.  You are Happy, you meet Mr Unhappy.
  • You have had a lot of practice at maintaining happy thoughts.
  • Mr Unhappy has not had a lot of practice at being a sad sack.
  • His Vibration will raise to yours.
Case 2. You are Happy, you meet Mr Unhappy.
  • Mr Unhappy has had a lot of practice at being a sad sack.
  • You have not had much practice at maintaining your happy space.
  • Your vibration will drop to match Mr Unhappy.
Case 3. You are well practiced at Happy, Mr Unhappy is well practiced at unhappy.
  • More than likely, you are not going to be able to stay in the same room together for too long.
  • These are the people you meet who irritate you with their chirpiness…or gloominess.
  • Your are both so stable within your emotional shell, that neither energy gives way to the other.
In order to bring about magical changes, we need to maintain our energy levels at least at 500, that of love.

Emotional-Abuse(2)_thumb     Psychic Attack

This is not as common as people think.  A psychic attack is when somebody sets out to deliberately cause you harm.
A more common cause of attack, that does affect your energy levels, is that of thought forms. The closer someone is to you (proximity) the more their thought forms will affect yours. A mother who’s teenagers are continually sounding angry messages, will not only affect the mother but the vibration will collect in the space. A friend or work mate who is jealous of you, may talk behind your back, collecting thoughts of ill will, or direct negative thoughts towards you. These collected negative vibrations towards you will result in a wearing down of your energy levels. These will often happen and become more directed as you evolve spiritually, and others seek to “keep you in your place”.
Arguably the most potent form of Attack, comes from within…our thoughts can become negative, we can lose our confidence, get caught up in the past, or second guess our decisions.
A true Psychic Attack, is when someone deliberately seeks the services of another (be it Witch or God) and intentionally directs thoughts of ill will so as to harm the recipient.
This ill will is usually directed at one or all of three areas
  1. Money
  2. Health
  3. Love
 Luckily effect is diminished through distance…Yet left unanswered, these intentions will have an effect.
Some signs you are being affected by thought forms or attack are
  1. People are eager to be negative around you
  2. People criticize whatever you are up too.
  3. People smile to your face but their body language or your intuition, tells a different story.
  4. You become drained and tired.
  5. Bad dreams awaken you from sleep.
  6. You have a “Gut Feeling”.
  7.  You have made someone with knowledge of the occult angry.

psychic shields     Shielding and Protection

Which ever Path you follow, my STRONG RECOMMENDATION, is that you forget about residing in a bubble of white light as being a single and adequate protection, for this magical and energetic work. The bubble of White Light when used on its own, is kind of like hiding under a rock. The strongest form of protection is internal, and arrives over time as your knowledge and strength of self become more apparent. This is when you “know” you are protected, and the level of detachment gained is such that others cannot penetrate your barriers.
I am going to suggest you work with three forms of shielding. You can develop these in ways that fit your paths practices.
The shielding needs to be
  • Internal
  • External
  • With an extra Wall, Between you and the perceived “Negative Thinker”
For example, a Christian might,
  1. Ask Christ to enter their body, so Christ may protect and shine forth from within (taking communion and prayer)
  2. Surround themselves with Christs and Gods love
  3. Ask Christ to erect a barrier between themselves and____so that they may deal with this person, in love and with compassion, but not be drawn into their drama, or affected by their Will, but only Gods Will.
It is helpful to sit with self, and ask, from which direction any forms of negativity are arising. This will aid in your defense as you will know where or between whom you need to place additional external barriers.
Archangel-Michael     Light Workers
Archangel Michael is the recognized Angel of protection (though it is important to acknowledge that each of us is born with our Angel of guidance). You can call on Archangel Michael to use his sword to sever any negative forms that may have their hooks in you. Doreen Virtue has some wonderful meditations on YouTube with this purpose in mind. Michael, will even, if asked create a protective bubble around you. Yet as mentioned previously, you must have internal protection and a shield wall between yourself and the negativity.
There are several ways of constructing internal protection for Light workers. One of which is meditating to activate your contact with source.
This involves connecting with your heart chakra, sending energy down through your chakra, through the earth, to the earths core, and drawing this energy back up and to your heart. You then envision the light of source descending through your crown chakra, third eye and throat chakra, to rest in your heart. Then you open your heart chakra further still, allow both energies to mingle and pour through and out of you as rainbow colored light. Once your body and aura are saturated with this light, you then draw and hold the energy, back, to self.
You then ask an Angel to “watch your back” so to speak.
So please check out Doreen on this subject, she has some great meditations on YouTube. I have also included a link to a meditation I enjoyed and felt was helpful.
    Protection Witches and Wicca
Be you Solitary Witch or Wicca, your creed or craft type is going to decide your protection. Once again I stress the three forms of protection. So Internal, God or Goddess invocation, or sacred flame (though to be sure the sacred flame may be used across beliefs).
Perhaps salt rings for outer protection around your dwelling, as well as the White Light bubble. And I would certainly set a mirror wall between you and the direction of any negative influence. Also let us not forget the power of Amulets and spells.
heart chakra     Conclusion
The essence of what I am suggesting here is:  As you begin to become aware of how your thoughts and feelings are creating your reality, you are going to notice the effects of other people upon your thoughts and feelings.
You are going to want to stop others from having influence.
You are going to want to maintain your own high vibration.
In order to do this, you will need to create protection or remove certain influences from your sphere, until such time as you can deal with them, whereby they no longer affect you in the same way.
Decide upon the protection methods you would use, according to what you know and how you feel.
If you need any additional help email me
Or consider one of my life changing Destinee Courses.

This visit with Spirit Works on many levels.  Over the  Six weeks we will look at

Support and safety, after all if you are not feeling safe within your practice…how are you going to live in a state of JOY​

Practice and Pathways…we are all searching for our spiritual truths. This is all about the techniques different paths use to experience life more fully. More though, this is a call to action. USE those skills!

Intention. Working out exactly what you want. How to ask for it.

Resistance and Release. You’ve stepped into the flow…Things are going to show up. This is about clearing that which doesn’t serve you. Finding techniques that help you release the past and conditioned thought patterns. Every time your stomach tightens…take note. That is resistance.

Intuition. A word for listening to and recognizing the call of spirit. Whatever your path your higher power wants to be in touch with YOU.

Trust. Once you’ve stepped out, shown up, it’s time to ease up. So with this come a few tips and techniques on how to let go and let be, allowing your “Higher Power” to work align with your energy.



There is a way for you to have a life filled with Abundance and Joy. There is a way for YOU to make an effective difference within the world. No more powerlessness and waiting for Higher Power to work things out FOR you.

The truth is, Higher Power works THROUGH you.

It really is simple




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