Conscious Creation,  Manifestation 

Buzz Words, Of the  21st Century.

As Spiritual people it can be incredibly hard to think of ourselves as “Money Makers”. When we see these words the tendency can be to think of “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

Or worse still…Money is not Spiritual. We’d love to change the world. Yet how can we when the very tool that makes this possible, is the tool we abhor.




We are willing to accept magical principles of intent and will when it comes to “World Peace” or a “Green Earth”. Yet “Money for Spirit”,


We need to change…Who would you rather see in control of World Resources. Rigid Policy Makers or Heart Centered Healers?

There is so much information out there.

Especially on “Consciously Creating” the “Magic of Manifestation” and “Manifest Abundance” a lot of the time the literature hits you with a hard sell.

The thing is..science has now acknowledged that all of life IS connected…through energy.

But what does it all mean for YOU?

It means that YOU are part of and responsible for, something huge!

Own It

Just as when you flick on a light switch; the current flows and the light goes on…So too YOUR energy.

This energy is flowing regardless of your belief system. It simply is.

Which means, just like the switch, You control the energy.

Do you want that control to be CONSCIOUS, or unconscious, remember, energy is flowing around and through you anyway.

Thoughts have an effect, words have an effect…yet it is our FEELINGS that induce the largest electrical charges within our brain. When you start to control your thoughts…and the feelings behind them, you have a measurable effect on the world.

This is “Conscious Creation”…it is the tool of “Magical Manifestation” and the way of “Manifesting Abundance.

Over the next Six weeks I’m going to look closely at what is meant by “Conscious Creation”. In particular how you can put this to work, for YOU incorporating you spiritual path.

There is a way for you to have a life filled with Abundance and Joy. There is a way for YOU to make an effective difference within the world. No more powerlessness and waiting for Higher Power to work things out FOR you.

The truth is, Higher Power works THROUGH you.

This visit with Spirit Works on many levels.  Over the next Six weeks we will look at

Support and safety, after all if you are not feeling safe within your practice…how are you going to live in a state of JOY​

Practice and Pathways…we are all searching for our spiritual truths. This is all about the techniques different paths use to experience life more fully. More though, this is a call to action. USE those skills!

Intention. Working out exactly what you want. How to ask for it.

Resistance and Release. You’ve stepped into the flow…Things are going to show up. This is about clearing that which doesn’t serve you. Finding techniques that help you release the past and conditioned thought patterns. Every time your stomach tightens…take note. That is resistance.

Intuition. A word for listening to and recognizing the call of spirit. Whatever your path your higher power wants to be in touch with YOU.

Trust. Once you’ve stepped out, shown up, it’s time to ease up. So with this come a few tips and techniques on how to let go and let be, allowing your “Higher Power” to work align with your energy.



It really is simple





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