Dear All

Why as Spiritual People is it so hard for us to accept MONEY as the Tool and Energy that it truly is?

We want to save the world. But how?

The answer is obvious, MONEY.

Yet somewhere along the way we have bought into this idea that spirituality is about poverty. Learning to be happy with what you’ve got is GREAT! But this should not stop you wanting and requesting more form your Source=(Higher Power, God, Insert your name here).

It is not “Others” keeping us poor. It is our selves and our attitudes towards money.

Every time we look at those who have made money and find something negative around them, that makes ourselves and our situations, feel better. Bang! Like for Like. Universal restriction on your flow of money.

Every time a spiritual person steps out to make some money another spiritual person goes bang…”They can’t be very spiritual then”. Sound like you? Bang, same thing, Universal restriction on your flow of money. (Its just an energy remember)

Certainly sounded like me…


A much more obtainable goal with money…

Imagine if spiritual people could get over themselves for long enough to consciously create WEALTH for themselves. We just might be looking at a whole different world.



Money For Spirit

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