Resistance Persistance

Dear ALL

When we begin to change our lives it is not unusual, to start out with a HISS and a ROAR, and then… as time goes by… we begin to loose energy.

One of the reasons for energy loss is “RESISTANCE”.

This is simply the Universe delivering up, that which you created previously, through thought patterns and actions (both conscious and subconscious).

The trick is in how you navigate these patterns, now.

 For instance “I want money” the universe hears and begins to respond. Next a bill arrives! “Oh no, it’s huge!”, first thought that enters your head, surrounded by the strong feelings that debt brings.

Because the Universe works off of vibration (yes feelings are vibration), it ‘feels’ your feeling. And automatically thinks OOOhHH I got a hit, and sends in more of the same….more bills, more debt.

Now lets go back to that “I want money”, the bill arrives…and you go “Thank goodness you’ve arrived. Thank you Phone for trusting that I could pay for you!” Surrounded by one of the highest vibrations ‘gratitude’, the universe now ‘feels’ the love and responds in kind, with the ability to “pay” for the bill.

If your having trouble, working out where your resistance lies, jump onto my Facebook (Click the More tab) or web site.  And sign up for the free daily meditation card.  This card is drawn especially for YOU!.  It will help you to see… where your resistance is coming from… and how to navigate through, to a brighter better future.



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